Spending the Entire Night with a Cloak

Mawlānā Fayḍullāh recounts an incident to which he was an eye-witness. This incident occurred when he was studying the final year of the traditional ʿālim class. He was appointed to carry a lamp whilst accompanying Mawlānā Ḥusain Aḥmad Madanī back and forth from the Hadith lecture hall to his home. He recounts that half the night had passed after the lesson had finished. as I was seeing him off to his house, he passed the guest house where he noticed a rather poor, helpless man sitting on his bed. Ḥaḍrat Madanī told me to ask him why he was still awake while all the other guests are sleeping? Before I could approach him, Ḥaḍrat Madanī himself advanced towards him and enquired the problem. He was told that he was forcefully removed whilst eating and therefore did not get a blanket when it was distributed. This had an adverse effect on Ḥaḍrat Madanī. He repeatedly enquired as to who was responsible for this? However, he was unsuccessful in finding out the person guilty.

Ḥaḍrat Madanī then rushed to his home and brought food for the guest. He waited outside until the guest finished eating. Thereafter, he went inside, brought his own bedding for the guest and sufficed on a mere cloak the entire night. Mawlānā Fayḍullāh says that he insisted that he bring his own bedding for Ḥaḍrat Madanī; however, he strictly declined.

(Sawāniḥ-i Ḥaḍrat Mawlānā Ḥusain Aḥmad Madanī: 116)

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