Love for the Blessed Lands of Madinah

The immense love Hadrat Mawlānā Qāsim Nānotvī harboured for Rasūlullah was indeed spectacular. When he travelled to the blessed lands of Madinah (where the ground was very stony and rugged), the state of his deep affection and infatuation was truly noteworthy. His travel companion Mawlānā Hakīm Mansūr Alī captures a scene from this memorable journey:

“When our caravan gradually drew closer to the blessed lands of Madinah, to the point where we could see the resting place of Rasūlullah (which in those days could be seen from a far distance), Mawlānā Qāsim Nānotvī removed his slippers and pressed them under his armpit. He then walked barefoot on the stony grounds of Madinah. This was based on the belief that the feet of Qāsim Nānotvī do not fall on the same place where the blessed feet of Rasulūllah fell 1400 years ago.

He was seen walking in the streets of Madinah without slippers. Someone noticed that the rocky grounds have injured his feet, resulting in them being covered in blood. He said, “Ḥaḍrat! I advise that you wear slippers.” He replied, “Yes. I would have worn them. But when I stop to ponder I come to realise that these were the very streets where my beloved placed his feet; hence, I do not deem it suitable that someone like me wears slippers over them.

(ʿIshq-e Rasūl aur Ulāma-e aq ke Waqiʿāt 118)

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