Allah Does not Wish for you even a Penny’s Worth of Loss

Ḥakīm al-Ummat Mawlānā Ashraf ʿĀlī Thānwī says that Allah states in the Quran, “When you contract a loan between each other for a stated term, then write it down. Indeed, let a scribe write it down between you with justice.”

This displays the immense affection and compassion for us that he cannot bear to see us in financial loss; so, how can He tolerate actual harm to our life? Furthermore, why then would He deprive us from Jannah and enter us into the hell-fire? Rather it is on account of our misdeeds that we find ourselves in the hell-fire.

Allah says, “What would Allah gain from tormenting you if you give thanks (to Him) and truly believe (in Him).”

(Ahl-e Dil ke Anmol Aqwāl, pg:110)

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