Memorable Episodes from the Lives of the ʿUlamā of Deoband


A collection of illustrative anecdotes from the distinguished lives of the great ʿUlamā of Deoband who are an integral link in the chain of prophetic knowledge. Incidents which highlight the incredible angelic qualities of our ʿUlamā and elders, their humility, gratitude, patience, generosity, precaution, concern for others and devotions.

It was very important to translate these valuable anecdotes as we recognised the importance of making it accessible to a non-Urdu speaking audience. As a result, we carefully selected anecdotes from a collection of over 150 Urdu biographies and compilations, selecting the best and most intriguing and captivating incidents for the readers to derive lessons from.

Muftī Muḥammad Taqī ʿUthmānī mentions:

“If one were to compare the effectiveness of a long motivational speech with that of a short illustration from the life of one of these awliyā (saints), the latter will often prove to be much more potent in its persuasive impact. For this reason writers throughout history, have compiled collections of the most noteworthy biographical details from the lives of the awliyā (saints).

The scholars of Deoband were blessed with the exemplary characteristics of the companions; not only in their speech and writings, but also in their deeds and behaviour. This fact becomes all the more significant when it is considered that the example set by these scholars arises from the recent, rather than the more distant past.”

When rendering this work into the English language, we made the utmost attempt to stay close to the text while avoiding strict literalism. Liberty was taken at times to rephrase, for the sake of clarity and fluidity, which are of primary import for any piece of work. Because the book was written for those who seek to derive lessons and to practice them at the proper time and place, most of the time, we have omitted the narrators of the incidents and anecdotes for the sake of brevity and fluidity and only what was deemed relevant was retained.

The Team at Baḥr-ul-Midād Publications.

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