Tarāwīḥ: Completing the Qur’an

According to the Hanbalī’s and the majority of the Ḥanafī’s (as mentioned in the narration of Ḥasan from Imām Abū Ḥanīfah), it is sunnah to complete the entire Qur’an in tarāwīḥ, so that the people may complete the entire Qur’an by listening to it.

Then according to the Ḥanafī’s, it is sunnah to complete the entire Qur’an once, which will not be omitted due to the laziness of the people.

However, some scholars have considered it virtuous to recite an amount which suits the desire of the people, though the Qur’an is not completed.

At the time of need, like the unavailability of a hāfiz, or an individual finds it difficult to listen to the entire Qur’an, the above opinion may be resorted to.

According to the Mālikī’s and Shafīʿīs, it is mustaḥabb (recommended) for the imām to complete the entire Qur’an in tarāwīḥ.

The above shows that, if the entire Qur’an is not completed due to valid reason, one will not be sinful.

(Adapted from Tarāwīḥ ke Aham Masā’il by Muftī Muhammad Riḍwan. Published by Kutub Khāna Idāra Gufrān, Rawalpindi.)

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