Tarāwīḥ: It’s Intention

According to the Shafīʿīs, Ḥanbalī’s, and some Ḥanafī’s, making a specific intention for “tarāwīḥ” or the “standing of ramadhan” is necessary. Consequently, a general intention (of performing ṣalāh) will not suffice.

On the other hand, the majority of Ḥanafī’s have ruled that a general intention will suffice for all types of sunnah ṣalāh.

One ought to note that making intention is an act of the heart and uttering it from the tongue is not necessary.

(Adapted from Tarāwīḥ ke Aham Masā’il by Muftī Muhammad Riḍwan. Published by Kutub Khāna Idāra Gufrān, Rawalpindi.)

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