ʿIsā (ʿalayhi s-salām) [Simplified for Ages 6+]

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Today you will learn about the life of one of the best people that ever lived. These were men sent by Allāh. You will learn why they were sent and what lessons we can learn from their lives. They were known as the Prophets of Allāh.

The Birth of Maryam (raḍiyallāhu ʿanhā)

Many years ago, there were a group of people called the Israelites. In them, lived a very pious man. His name was ʿImrān (raḍiyallāhu ʿanhu) and he had a wife called Hannah (raḍiyallāhu ʿanhā). Everyone respected them and loved them. 

They had no children, but Hannah (raḍiyallāhu ʿanhā) really wanted a baby boy. She would always ask Allāh and make duʿā’ to give her a pious boy. 

Because Allāh is very kind, He always answers and listens to us when we ask Him for something. So whenever we need something, we should always ask Allāh. Allāh accepted her duʿā’ and she was going to have a baby. Because she was very happy, she made a promise to Allāh that if she had a boy she would give the boy to help in the masjid. The masjid near to their house was called Masjid-ul-Aqsa. In those days, people would give their boys to the masjid. 

Before the baby was born, ʿImrān (raḍiyallāhu ʿanhu) passed away. After he passed away, Hannah (raḍiyallāhu ʿanhā) had a baby girl. She named the baby girl Maryam. She always wanted a baby boy, so when she ‎saw the baby girl she became sad. She was sad because she made a promise to Allāh that she would give the boy to the Masjid. But instead she had a girl who could not be given to the Masjid. However, Hannah (raḍiyallāhu ʿanhā) didn’t know that this baby girl was going to be very special. 

After Maryam (raḍiyallāhu ʿanhā) started eating and grew up a little, her mother gave her to the people in charge of the Masjid. Because she was special, the people in charge took her.

Maryam (raḍiyallāhu ʿanhā) Growing Up

Because everyone respected ʿImrān (raḍiyallāhu ʿanhu) and Hannah (raḍiyallāhu ʿanhā), everyone in the masjid wanted to look after Maryam. They talked to each other but could not decide who would look after her. At that time, the person in charge of the Masjid was Zakariyyah (ʿalayhi s-salām). He was also a Prophet. He said that because Maryam (raḍiyallāhu ʿanhā) was related to him, he should look after her. But the other people in the Masjid were not happy. Everyone wanted to look after her because she was very special.

Because they could not decide, Allāh told them a way to choose who would look after her. Allāh told the people of the Masjid to take their pens to the river. They would use these pens to write the Tawrat. Tawrat was the book given to Prophet Mūsā (ʿalayhi s-salām). Allāh told them to throw their pens into the river. The water in a river flows one way, so anything you throw inside should go that same way. But Allāh said that whoever’s pen goes the other way would look after Maryam (raḍiyallāhu ʿanhā). 

They did what Allāh told them to do and when they did, the pen of Prophet Zakariyyah (ʿalayhi s-salām) went the other way. So he was chosen to take care and look after Maryam (raḍiyallāhu ʿanhā). 

As Maryam (raḍiyallāhu ʿanhā) was growing up, she was very good and pious. She lived in a special room which was joint to the Masjid. She would worship Allāh all day long. Sometimes, when Prophet Zakariyyah (ʿalayhi s-salām) would come to her room, he would see food and fruits. 

He would ask her, “Maryam, from where did you get this?”

She would say, “From Allāh.”

The Birth of Prophet Yahyā (ʿalayhi s-salām)

When Zakariyyah (ʿalayhi s-salām) ‎saw that Allāh can give food to Maryam (raḍiyallāhu ʿanhā), he thought that Allāh can also give him a child. So Zakariyyah (ʿalayhi s-salām) made duʿā’ to Allāh and asked him for a pious child. 

Allāh wanted to give him a son so Allāh sent angels with good news. The angels told him that his name will be Yaḥyā. He will be very good and a Prophet. But Zakariyyah (ʿalayhi s-salām) could not understand how he could have a son because he was very old. Allāh said, “It is easy for me. I do whatever I want.”

Allāh then gave Zakariyyah (ʿalayhi s-salām) a son whose name was Yaḥyā. 

The Birth of ʿIsā (ʿalayhi s-salām)

Maryam (raḍiyallāhu ʿanhā) was a very pious woman. She always did what was right. She worshipped Allāh alone. Prophet Zakariyyah (ʿalayhi s-salām) and all the people in the Masjid were very happy with her. 

Once, Maryam (raḍiyallāhu ʿanhā) went to another part of the Masjid. Suddenly, the angel Jibrā’īl (ʿalayhi s-salām) came to her. She was scared because she had never seen him before. She asked Allāh for help and told him to stay away. Jibrā’īl (ʿalayhi s-salām) told her not to be scared because he was an angel and Allāh had sent him. He told her that he had come to give her good news of a baby boy who was going to be very pious and good. She was amazed and shocked. 

Jibrā’īl (ʿalayhi s-salām) told her, “It will happen. It is easy for Allah. He can create whatever He wants. His name will be ʿIsā. He will be very special and a Prophet of Allāh. He will be given a book which he will teach to the people.”

In English we call ʿIsā, Jesus.

Allāh wanted to show everyone how powerful he was. That He can create whatever he wants and give anything to anyone.

But Maryam (raḍiyallāhu ʿanhā) was very worried. She thought that what will the people say when they find out she has got a baby.

After a few days, she got a baby boy. The angel Jibrā’īl (ʿalayhi s-salām) was sent again to tell her not to worry. She was very happy when she ‎saw the baby boy. 

The Miracle of ʿIsā (ʿalayhi s-salām)

When she decided to go back to the Masjid, the angel Jibrā’īl (ʿalayhi s-salām) told her, “If people ask you about the baby, stay quiet and tell everyone you are fasting and cannot speak to anyone.”

In those days, when people would fast, they could not eat, drink and even talk. 

When Maryam (raḍiyallāhu ʿanhā) came back to the Masjid with the baby, the people were surprised and shocked. They asked her where she got the baby from?

As Jibrā’īl (ʿalayhi s-salām) told her, she did not answer and stayed quiet. Instead, she pointed at the baby. The people laughed at her and said, “Don’t be silly Maryam! How can we talk to a baby?”

But Allāh made the baby talk. The baby said, “I am the servant of Allāh. He has given me a Book and made me a Prophet.”

The people were shocked because a baby was talking. They understood that this was a miracle of Allāh. They started to respect Maryam (raḍiyallāhu ʿanhā) even more. 

ʿIsā (ʿalayhi s-salām) – A Prophet of Allāh 

As the years passed, ʿIsā (ʿalayhi s-salām) grew up and became a man. Everyone around him had become bad and evil. The people had forgotten what the Prophet Mūsā (ʿalayhi s-salām) taught them. The people had even killed Prophets which were sent by Allāh. They changed their Holy Book, the Tawrāt. They lied and cheated. 

After they had become very bad, Allāh told ʿIsā (ʿalayhi s-salām) to remind everyone about the message of Allāh. He called the people to believe in one Allāh and follow the Book of Allāh. He told them to become good, always say the truth and stay away from bad things. 

They did not listen to ʿIsā (ʿalayhi s-salām) and even laughed at him. They made fun of what he was teaching. They also scared him and told him that they would kill him. 

But ʿIsā (ʿalayhi s-salām) was not scared and still tried his best to teach them. 


The people told ʿIsā (ʿalayhi s-salām) to show them miracles to prove that he was a real Prophet. With the help of Allāh, he did some amazing things which no one can do. He made birds from clay, blew in them and they would become real. He made people who were blind, see again. He even brought dead people back to life. He did all this with the help of Allāh. 

Even after the people saw all these amazing things, they stilled stayed away from ʿIsā (ʿalayhi s-salām). They said it was all fake and magic. 

The Message of ʿIsā (ʿalayhi s-salām)

ʿIsā (ʿalayhi s-salām) still didn’t lose hope. He carried on teaching everyone the message of Allāh. He travelled to different places teaching everyone about Allāh. 

He told them to worship Allāh alone and if they worship someone other than Allāh then they will never enter Jannah. 

Like all the other Prophets, ʿIsā (ʿalayhi s-salām) told the people that the last Prophet was going to come whose name was Muhammad. 

The Followers of ʿIsā (ʿalayhi s-salām)

ʿIsā (ʿalayhi s-salām) travelled from one place to another, teaching people and calling them to Allāh. He invited everyone to accept the true religion. Some did not listen and some did. 

The people that listened to him were not rich, but very poor. They loved ʿIsā (ʿalayhi s-salām) and respected him. They helped him in every way they could. 

The Evil Plan

ʿIsā (ʿalayhi s-salām) did not have a house or a family. He was not married. He would teach people about Allāh all day long and sleep wherever he could. He was becoming more and more famous. The leaders became very angry. They thought that no one would listen to them and start following ʿIsā (ʿalayhi s-salām). They tried their best to stop him but they failed every time. In the end they decided to kill him and made an evil plan.

At that time, the Romans were in charge. The people went to the leader of the Romans and said bad things about ʿIsā (ʿalayhi s-salām). The leader thought ʿIsā (ʿalayhi s-salām) was a bad person so he told the people to arrest ʿIsā (ʿalayhi s-salām).

Allāh told ʿIsā (ʿalayhi s-salām) of their evil plan. 

ʿIsā (ʿalayhi s-salām) called his followers and told them, “This is the time for our test. I will not be with you for long. So it is now your responsibility of teaching the message of Allāh. Will you be my helpers in spreading the message?”

They replied, “We make a promise to you that we will always be your helpers and spread the religion of Allāh. We will always believe in Allāh and only worship Him.”

ʿIsā (ʿalayhi s-salām) is Taken to the Heavens 

The soldiers surrounded the house where ʿIsā (ʿalayhi s-salām) was staying. Allāh protected him from danger. Allāh raised him to the Heavens and saved him from the bad people. 

One of the soldiers went inside the house to look for ʿIsā (ʿalayhi s-salām).

When he entered, he could not find ʿIsā (ʿalayhi s-salām). While he was looking, Allāh changed his face to the face of ʿIsā (ʿalayhi s-salām). He carried on searching for ʿIsā (ʿalayhi s-salām) and thought that he was hiding somewhere in the house. 

After a while, the rest of the soldiers came in and arrested him thinking he was ʿIsā (ʿalayhi s-salām).

He screamed and shouted that he was not ʿIsā (ʿalayhi s-salām), but the soldiers did not listen. They thought he was lying because he was scared. They took him away and killed him on a cross. 

Everyone thinks that ʿIsā (ʿalayhi s-salām) was killed on a cross, but the truth is that Allāh saved his Prophet from the evil people. Thinking and believing that he was killed on a cross is not right. 

Allāh says in the Qur’an, “They definitely did not kill him. But Allāh raised him to the heavens.”

He is still alive in the second heaven even now. 

When our Prophet Muhammad (ṣallā llāhu ʿalayhi wasallam) went to the Heavens, he met ʿIsā (ʿalayhi s-salām) on the second heaven. 

ʿIsā (ʿalayhi s-salām) has not really died yet. He was raised to the Heavens. He is still alive and will remain alive for a long time.

Near to the end of time, ʿIsā (ʿalayhi s-salām) will come down to the earth and live a normal life and then die. ʿIsā (ʿalayhi s-salām) will get married and have children. He will die in Madinah and will be buried next to our Prophet Muhammad (ṣallā llāhu ʿalayhi wasallam). 

Important Beliefs

This is what a Muslim should believe about ʿIsā (ʿalayhi s-salām) 

  • ʿIsā (ʿalayhi s-salām) is one of the famous Prophets of Allāh. He was a normal human like all the other Prophets. 
  • Allāh gave a book to him called the Injīl, which is also called the Bible. Since then it has been changed and is not the same. 
  • ʿIsā (ʿalayhi s-salām) was born without a father. His mother Maryam (raḍiyallāhu ʿanhā) was never married. 
  • He taught the people that Allāh is one. 
  • He gave good news to the people that the last Prophet was going come and his name was Prophet Muhammad (ṣallā llāhu ʿalayhi wasallam). 
  • Like other Prophets, ʿIsā (ʿalayhi s-salām) was able to do miracles with the help of Allāh. 
  • ʿIsā (ʿalayhi s-salām) has not really died yet. He was not killed and put on a cross. Allāh raised him to the Heavens while he was still alive. He is still in the Heavens right now. 
  • ʿIsā (ʿalayhi s-salām) will return back to this world again. He will live a normal life and get married. He will die normally and be buried next to our Prophet Muhammad (ṣallā llāhu ʿalayhi wasallam) in Madinah.

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