Īṣāl e-Thawāb (Donating Reward) – Reward for the Donator


When a person donates reward to another, does the donator receive any reward?


After a in-depth study of prophetic narrations, we learn that the one donating reward is also not deprived of reward. Reward is recorded in the book of deeds of the donator and no reward will be decreased, rather more reward will be earned through īṣāl e-thawāb (donating reward); the reward of the good action itself and reward for donating to a fellow Muslim. If multiple individuals are donated reward, the reward will increase accordingly.

(Adapted from Ṣadaqa-e-Jāriyah wa Īṣāl e-Thawāb ke Faḍāil wa Aḥkām by Muftī Muhammad Riḍwan. 

Published by Kutub Khāna Idāra Gufrān, Rawalpindi.)

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