Īṣāl e-Thawāb (Donating Reward) – It’s Method


Some individuals hold the belief that in order for īṣāl e-thawāb (donating reward) to occur, a pious individual must be made a medium. What is the method of īṣāl e-thawāb (donating reward) and can one donate reward himself?


The method of īṣāl e-thawāb (donating reward) is fairly easy. While doing a good action or after completing a good action, make an intention in the heart or verbally say, “O Allāh, this good action I am doing/ or have just done, donate it’s reward to such and such a person. Through the mercy of Allāh, the intended person will receive the reward.

If an intention to donate is made while doing the action, the reward will reach the intended person. Similarly, if no intention was made during the course of the action, however one intended to donate the reward after completing the action, the reward will still reach the intended person.

Furthermore, to consider that īṣāl e-thawāb (donating reward) is only possible through the medium of a pious individual, is a baseless and unsubstantiated custom.

(Adapted from Ṣadaqa-e-Jāriyah wa Īṣāl e-Thawāb ke Faḍāil wa Aḥkām by Muftī Muhammad Riḍwan. 

Published by Kutub Khāna Idāra Gufrān, Rawalpindi.)

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