Eating Only Gourd for 15 Years

Anas bin Malik narrates that, “A tailor invited Rasūlullāh ‎ﷺ to a meal which he had prepared. ” Anas bin Malik said, “I accompanied Rasūlullāh ‎ﷺ to that meal. He served Rasūlullāh ‎ﷺ with bread and soup made with gourd and dried meat. I saw Rasūlullāh ‎ﷺ taking the pieces of gourd from the dish.” Anas added, “Since that day I have continued to like gourd.”

The immense love Ḥaḍrat Mawlānā Yūsuf Ludhyānwī had for Rasūlullāh ‎ﷺ can be gauged from this that he used only gourd in his curry for an extensive period of 15 years. He never ate anything besides gourd. This was not for any medical reason, but because gourd was a favoured dish of Rasūlullāh ‎ﷺ. To emulate this practice of Rasūlullāh ‎ﷺ, he ate the same dish for a lengthy period of 15 years. However, after being strongly advised by doctors and certain health reasons, he was forced to discontinue this practice.

It is evident from this incident, the degree of love and steadfastness Ḥaḍrat Mawlānā Yūsuf Ludhyānwī possessed for emulating the way of Rasūlullāh ﷺ.

(ʿIshq-e Rasūl ‎ﷺ aur Ulamā-e Ḥaq ke Waqiʿāt by Mawlānā Muftī Muhammad Khubayb Naqshbandī Gafūrī Published by Islāmī Kutub Khāna. Page: 525)


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