Join the Hājī’s in Their Supplications

Reaching the end of the blessed days of Ḥajj, the Ḥājī’s are returning home from their spiritual journey. One can imagine the innumerable and countless duʿā’s millions of Ḥājī’s must have made during their blessed journey. It is only our wish that we were granted all those blessings and favours they were showered with as a result of their supplications.

Imagine being granted all their accepted supplications along with the supplications of everyone on land and sea. Sounds like a fantasy, right? Except, our beloved Rasūl ‎ﷺ taught us a very beautiful and comprehensive duʿā’ which will fulfil and satisfy this very longing of ours.

Rasūlullāh ﷺ mentioned: “Whoever makes a duʿā’ using these words (mentioned below), Allāh ﷻ includes him in the duʿā’s of the people of the land and the sea, while he is in his place.”

اللهُمَّ إِنِّي أَسألُك بحقِّ السَّائلينَ عليكَ ؛ فإنَّ للسائِلِ عليكَ حقًّا ، أيُّما عبدٍ أو أمَةٍ من أهلِ البَرِّ والبحرِ تقبَّلتَ دعوتَهم ، واسْتَجَبْتَ دُعاءَهم : أن تُشْرِكَنا في صالِح ما يدعونَكَ ، وأن تُشرِكَهم في صالحِ ما ندعوكَ، وأن تعافِيَنا وإيَّاهُم ، وأن تَقبَلَ منا ومنهُم ، وأن تَجاوَزَ عنَّا وعنهُم ؛ فإنَّا آمنَّا بما أنزلتَ واتبَّعنا الرَّسولَ ، فاكتُبنا مع الشَّاهدينَ

(كنز العمال)

“O Allah, I beg of You in the name of the right that the beggars have upon You, for verily a beggar has a right upon You. That everyone of Your male or female servants from the land or sea whose supplication You have granted and to whose call You have readily responded, include us in their supplications. And include them in our supplications to You. And grant peace to us and to them. Accept our duʿā’s and theirs. And ignore our faults and theirs. For we believed in what You revealed, and followed the Messenger. So list us among the witnesses (of truth).” (Kanz-ul-ʿUmmāl)

Don’t forget to share this amazing duʿā’ with your near and dear ones.

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