The Unknown Toilet Cleaner

Mawlānā Zakariyya Sambhalī relates that, there were a total of twelve lavatories in the compound of Ḥaḍrat Qārī Ṣiddīq Bāndwī’s madrasah which was used by both students and teachers. The students from the village would leave it filthy in the worst manner possible, but every morning the lavatories would be found immaculately clean. Nevertheless, the individual responsible for cleaning it remained unknown. At approximately 2:30am I had to go answer the call of nature. I noticed a person filling up water in a bucket and using it to clean the toilets. As I went closer, to my amazement, I realised that it was Ḥaḍrat Qārī Ṣiddīq Bāndwī himself.

The need to answer the call of nature became instantaneously absent; thus, I quietly scurried back to my bed and observed Ḥaḍrat Qārī Ṣiddīq Bāndwī carrying out this noble act. I was fearful of lending him a hand as he would encounter much remorse when his secret is disclosed. It was impossible for me to get sleep, so I continued my observation. Upon completion, he headed to a well which was close to masjid and bathed and then engaged in ṣalāh. Only Allah knows what reward he was receiving for this deed and how beloved this ṣalāh was in His eyes?

Apart from this, sweeping and dusting the veranda and courtyard was seemingly nothing. This was his daily practice.

(Hamāre Akābir Dilo(n) ke Fātiḥ, Page: 404)


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