Why the Difference in Effect?

قيل لحمدون بن أحمد :-

ما بال كلام السلف أنفع من كلامنا ؟

قال : لأنهم تكلموا لعز الإسلام ، ونجاة النفوس ، ورضا الرحمن .

ونحن نتكلم لعز النفس ، وطلب الدنيا ، وقبول الخلق.

[صفة الصفوة ٦٢٧/٢]

It was said to Hamdun bin Ahmad:

Why is it that the speech and words of the those before us proves to be more beneficial than our speech and our words?

He replied: “They would speak for the glory of Islam, to save people (from the fire), and for the pleasure of Allah.

On the other hand, we speak for self-glory, to gain worldly benefit, and acceptance among people.

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