Recalling a Speech

Sayyid ʿAṭā’Ullāh Shāh Bukhārī was once seated in the surgery of Ḥakīm Muhammad Ḥanif Ullāh when he suddenly started mumbling and scolding himself under his breath. The words were something like this, “You delivered a speech but what knowledge do you possess? Flocks of people came to listen to you, but what is your actual standing? It was Allah who gave you the ability to deliver that speech and the people came to listen to the words of Allah and His Rasul ﷺ.”
When he went silent, I enquired as to who he was speaking to? He replied, “It was nothing. I just recalled an event where hundreds of thousands had gathered and the atmosphere was echoing with roars of cheers. This thought had just occurred to me and I engaged myself in repentance. I was saying to myself that, it was Allah who granted you the ability to deliver that speech, and it was He who sent the people to attend; otherwise, what is my worth?
This was the level of self-assessment and self inspection Sayyid ʿAṭā’Ullāh Shāh Bukhārī would observe.
(Hamāre Akābir Dilo(n) ke Fātih, Page: 250)

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