Say an Indian Haji Gave It

Sufī Muhammad Iqbāl relates that Shaykh-ul-Ḥadīth Ḥaḍrat Mawlānā Muḥammad Zakariyyah would hand over thousands of riyals to me immediately upon reaching Madinah Munawwarah for spending on the Muazzins, police and caretakers of the haramayn. For the muazzins and policemen, he would generally give 500 riyals, whereas for the caretakers, he once gave 2000 riyals and once 1000 riyals. Ḥaḍrat would discreetly pass over this money to me and add that there is no need to inform the recipients of my name; merely say that an Indian Ḥajī has given it.

The caretakers would sit around the suffah (a place that was available at the rear side of Masjid-un-Nabawi) the entire day and on the night preceding Friday, they would enter the wire-mesh surrounding the blessed grave and clean the dust which settled there. Ḥaḍrat would say that their status and title is “helpers of the blessed court of Nabī صلى الله عليه وسلم. I do not give them money as zakat but rather as a gift. Sufī Muhammad Iqbāl adds that immediately upon reaching Madina Munawarrah, Ḥaḍrat Shaykh would give much importance to presenting these gifts; regarding which probably no one knew besides me. Ḥaḍrat Shaykh would recite the following verse:

“O you who believe! When you seek to discourse privately with the Messenger, offer charity [to the poor] before your private discourse with him” (al-Mujādalah: 12)

During his stay in Madina Munawarrah, he would, on a regular basis, secretly enquire from me the situation of the poor and the widows of Madina; however, before making his presence to the blessed grave, he would specifically hand me a sum of money to distribute; so that whilst he would perform ghusl, in preparation for his visit, a sum of money had already been distributed (so that the above verse of the Qur’ān may be brought into practice).

(Ḥaḍrat Shaykh ke Ḥayrat Angez Waqi‘āt: 41)

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