The Condition of Amīr-ul-Mu’minīn (Leader of the Believers)

Ḥakīm-ul-Islam Ḥaḍrat Mawlānā Qārī Muḥammad Ṭayyab said that the astonishing degree of selflessness in Ḥaḍrat ʿUmar r.a. was such that he would sit in solitude, overwhelmed as to how he was made the caliph of the time despite not being worthy. Qārī Muḥammad Ṭayyab says that the heart of this amazing personality was so pure that the kings of the time would be left awe-struck upon hearing the name of Ḥaḍrat ʿUmar r.a., yet his own heart would not be willing to accept that he his of any worth thus lamenting himself saying, “You are Amīr-ul-Mu’minīn (Leader of the Believers)!?”

(Ahl-e Dil ke Anmol Aqwāl, pg:169)

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