Troubled by the Sorrowful State of the Muslims

After receiving news of the Muslims of Bānda leaving the fold of Islam, Qārī Ṣiddīq Bāndwī resigned from his teaching duties and returned to his hometown to propagate the religion of Islam. He would go from village to village on foot. He would make his own food arrangements thereby avoiding being a burden on anyone. The people of the villages were unfamiliar with him. Nevertheless, he would still meet and mix with people, encouraging them to convert back to Islam. Through the grace of Allah many reverted back to Islam. Some locals would assist Qārī Ṣiddīq Ṣāḥib in his efforts, however, most of his trips would be lone ventures.

It would be rather apt to cite here Qārī Ṣiddīq Ṣāḥib’s version of events in his words. He recounts,

“I would travel on foot in those days. I would take along some chickpeas and potherb as provision. I did not have a fixed residence and would spend many nights in a field. I also visited several villages where only a household or two would be Muslim and they too were only Muslim by name. Their social morals and behaviour strikingly resembled Hindu habits and customs to the extent that even their names were similar to their names. Their weddings had all the customs and traditions practised by their neighbouring Hindus. I would visit these types of people. They would allocate me the stables to spend the night in where I would sleep near buffaloes. I was always on guard fearing any recalcitrance from the animals. Thus, my nights were spent sleepless.”

(Ḥayāt e-Ṣiddīq 152)

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